Welcome to Saving Famously!

We are a mother-daughter duo from southern NJ that has teamed up to spread the word on coupons and saving. This journey began many years ago with my mom, Lucy. She has been an avid saver since I was a child. Her love of saving has grown exponentially over the last few years. She works hard to share deals with her family and friends in hopes that everyone can spend less while getting more because…why should you pay more money if you don’t have to. 🙂

That is where I come in. Hi! I’m Lucy’s daughter, Angelica. I am helping to transform Lucy’s message into a digital platform where she can reach more people looking to save money. Together, we hope to enlighten you so that you can save too!

This site will be updated regularly with new content so come back often for the latest deals. Thanks for stopping by. We hope you visit us again soon!





Lucy (left) and Angelica (right)

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