Welcome to Saving Famously!

We are happy to announce that our coupon blog has officially launched!

If you know me (Angelica) or my mom (Lucy) then I’m sure you are well aware of her love for coupons and getting a great deal.  If you don’t know us, welcome and please allow me to introduce ourselves. Lucy has been a “coupon queen” since I was a kid and her skills have grown tremendously over the years.  She has taught and mentored many people on the art of coupons and bargain shopping.  She truly gets enjoyment from sharing her craft and helping other people save money.  I’ve learned lots of tips and tricks from her.  I have a family with two young children so I’m very thankful about being able to use those tips to help us save.  Fun Fact:  My 5 year old son actually helped with the idea for the name of this blog. 

I have joined her efforts and am helping to spread her message on a larger platform to reach more people in hopes of helping you save more.  Our initial goal is to start with a few stores then expand to other stores as we grow.  We hope that you continue to join us on this journey.  We hope to enlighten you and pass along the savings to all of you too. 

We will update this site regularly as we find new coupons and deals.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments.  We hope to see you back here again!  Thank you!

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