We’re Back in the New Year!

It’s 2019! We hope that everyone had a great time during the holidays. We took a couple weeks off to enjoy the holidays with our family and friends. The days leading up to Christmas were very busy and it was great to catch up with everyone. Afterwards, we spent a couple days at home just hanging out in our pajamas all day and it so was nice to unplug and relax. I wish we could have more days like that.

It’s a new year and we are back with new deals! Now that we’re refreshed and energized, we will be posting more frequently again. As always, if you have anything that you’d like to see here, please feel free to submit your comments or send us an email. We have several ideas that we would like to explore on the blog this year and hope you come back to see what we have planned. We are looking forward to an amazing year! Thanks for visiting us! 🙂 ♥️

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